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Have you ever imagined your world from up above...
Living upside down and enjoying it?
The sky is no longer the limit.
Freedom is in our hands
Would you imagine a place where adrenaline is rushed down to your feet before your head?
Extreme is just a déjà vu
Getting up High in the sky
Deep down the oceans
Climbing the highest peak and jumping
Discovering nature from its borderlines
Getting high... High on Nature

Now after all you’ve witnessed please allow me to ask you one last question:

“How High Are You?”
Charles Lindbergh once said:
“It is the greatest shot of adrenaline to be doing what you have wanted to do so badly. You almost feel like you could fly without the plane.”

We at InterAvia can fly with or without a plane. Established in 2004, our company’s aim is to popularize extreme sports and aerial activities in Lebanon and to promote eco-tourism adventure-based tours.

InterAvia quickly developed a reputation for outstanding professionalism and safety. Pre-Flight training and intensive courses for non-professionals are maintained at our legal school (LACH) with highly specialized professional pilots and trainers.

InterAvia SAL envisions establishing a series of eco-friendly adventure-based extreme sports discovery resorts centred around airparks Lebanon as well as creating a world-class hang-gliding and ultra-light motorized flight school and maintenance facilities. Not to mention that InterAvia is the only LEGAL flying school in Lebanon; Number one in Water Hang Gliding world-class and ULM.

Our Collaboration with The German Sky Diving Team “YUU-Skydive” and Our cooperation with The Lebanese Government – Military - Air Forces, creative and seamless Events with inventive and exceptional ideas, gave birth to the biggest Aerial Event in the region baptised “Fly Lebanon 2011 The First Sky Diving Event”.
Fly Lebanon is the first step for starting and opening Our 1st Skydiving School in Lebanon, to grow and increase our sports market reputation.

Also InterAvia’s extreme sports activities will be in progress in Summer 2012, Water Hang Gliding, Para Gliding, Para Sailing, Water trikes “ULM”, Balloons, Speed Boats, Scuba Diving, Rope Piloting “Climbing, Abseiling & Rappelling, Flying Fox … etc.” and many other activities accompanied By Certified Professional Team and Sports Custom Designed Boats.

Your help is also EXTREMELY and HIGHLY required in order to make the Event “Fly Lebanon in 2012” a great success and level up our countries name on the pedestal it is used to. We are and we will always be unique, your contribution and participation will be of a great marketing exposure for your company and a great support for extreme sports in Lebanon.
InterAvia S.A.L. Flying Company and LACH “Lebanese Aeronautics Club for Hobbyists” Flying School are with a direct relation with the Lebanese Government concerning cooperation and collaboration.

InterAvia S.A.L. was established in 2004 by Chairman/CEO Pilot Anwar Kozah as a for-profit commercial enterprise to provide necessary investments and business relationships associated with the activities conducted by LACH “Lebanese Aeronautics Club for Hobbyists”, a non-profit club and the oldest school in Lebanon, it was established by InterAvia founders in 1994, that nominated Pilot Anwar Kozah as President, till today.

LACH-InterAvia is specialized in Extreme Sports Activities “Sea & Land” and Aerial Activities, as well as, Flight Trainings permissions and certifications as mandated by Lebanese Air Regulations and Lebanese Ministry of Sports and Youth.

Its aim is to popularize this specialization to all Lebanese and Foreign People and to promote a serious of eco-tourism adventure-based tours and discovery resorts centered in Lebanon, as well as creating a world-class Training on Water Hang Gliding and Water Ultra-Light Weight Shift Flying School and its maintenance facilities. It has 5 legally sanctioned and established Water Hang-Gliding and Para Gliding Training Bases in Jounieh, Hammana, Cedars and Faraya, and being the first active club in Lebanon and in the region has increased public awareness of the sport and has been working diligently to promote aerial commercial services.

The potential for such an enterprise in Lebanon and the Middle East is significant.

InterAvia is the first to introduce and achieve unique targets that they were not present before in Lebanon.

In 2005 LACH-InterAvia obtained and introduced The Water Hang Gliding Unique System to Lebanon and the Middle East and launched its flights activities from its Sea Base related to Aqua Marina 2 Yachting Club. Water Hang Gliding is a very unique and specialized water-based extreme sport system, under the restrictions of the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association “USHPA” and began operating it for the first time outside of the USA. This unique Water Hang Gliding system with a Specialized Custom Designed Boat was put in place under the direct supervision and control of USHPA whose pilots were present in Lebanon to consult and supervise the implementation and to certify the quality of the safety measures and Pilots/Trainers competencies. And Who they declared that it is the second unique system to be implemented outside the United States of America worldwide.

Besides the Water Hang Gliding System LACH-InterAvia runs the only Parasailing Platform in Lebanon “Parachute Towed by a Custom Designed Boat”. That’s till now the unique system across the Lebanese Coast.

To date, it is the only system of its kind in the Middle East and over 8,000 Water Hang Gliding and thousands of Para Sailing flights have been conducted without a single accident or claim.

As well as, LACH-InterAvia provides many water & mountain sports multi-activities: Ocean Rafting, Deep Sea Fishing, Fireworks Display, Towing “Banana Sled, Flying Fish”, Dive Tours or Shuttle, Ropes Piloting “Climbing, Abseiling & Rappelling, Flying Fox”.

Chairman/President Pilot Anwar Kozah and the Team founded the two main missing goals as a strategy. His aim was to bring these missing and adventurous kinds of sports to Lebanon and to popularize them.

First , Yearly Flying Event that doesn’t exist in Lebanon and holds all Flying Sports in order to popularize flying in Lebanon , so that’s why Chairman/President Pilot Anwar Kozah and the Team created Fly Lebanon Event as a Participation Event not just a Show Event. But He focused first on Sky Diving that has never been achieved before in the History of Lebanon.

“Fly Lebanon Event” is a yearly Event that was at first postponed for several times due to Governmental and Official occasions.

In Year 2011, after months of planning, preparations and hardworking, Pilot Anwar Kozah and The Team fulfilled the promise with full cooperation and collaboration with the Lebanese Government – Military – Air Forces, and was the first to introduce Sky Diving to Lebanon and brought You one of a kind Event, Fly Lebanon 2011 Sky Diving Event “The First Sky Diving Event in the history of Lebanon”, that was successfully achieved with The German Sky Diving Master Team “YUU-Skydive” at Hamate Military Air Base, with the help and support of Lebanese Sponsors.

LACH-InterAvia’s Strategy is to profit from that Event to add Sky Diving and to establish a Sky Diving School, that’s expected to be launched soon.

Second, the Water Ultra-Light Motorized, that after long preparations and hardworking, All Permissions and establishment setup are achieved, and running activities expected in Summer 2012, along the Lebanese – Jounieh to Byblos Coast.

The Team is under InterAvia s.a.l. Company and LACH Club as DOME of Sports, that got a Merit and Awards from Lebanese Government:
  • 2006 - Lebanese Ministry of Tourism
  • 2010 - Prime Ministry of the Lebanese Government
  • 2010 - Arab Aerosports Federation
  • 2011 - Ministry of Interior, Chief of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces
  • 2011 - German YUU-Skydive
  • 2012 - The Lebanese Armed Forces Commander
  • 2012 - Lebanese Military Special Forces
  • 2012 - Chief of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces
  • 2012 - Head of Mission and Forces Commander of the UNIFIL in Lebanon
  • 2012 - Commercial Insurance s.a.l.
Anwar Kozah
Founder of LACH-InterAvia and the Creator of the Lebanese Flying Event “Fly Lebanon”.
  • Position:
    CEO/Chairman of InterAvia s.a.l.
    President of Lebanese Aeronautics Club for Hobbyists “LACH”
    Creator/Organizer of Fly Lebanon Event “Boogies”
  • Proficiency & Skills:
    Instructor ULM Trikes Senior
    Instructor Para Gliding Senior
    Instructor Hang Gliding Senior
    Instructor Water Hang Gliding Tandem
  • Mission:
    To make Sports as a part of daily life
    To make Sports as a certified activity
    To make People look at Sports as Health, Profession and Award
  • Anwar Says:
    You have to maintain what you have built: Everything changes and so it will be necessary to be careful that you don’t lose everything. Freedom is decision; I’m doing a part of what I was born to do.
  • Tel:
    00961 3 92 00 84
  • E-mail:
Farah Arnouse "Joy"
  • Position:
    Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of InterAvia s.a.l.
    Planner and Coordinator of Fly Lebanon Event "Boogies"
  • Proficiency & Skills:
    Marketing and Advertising
    Ticketing and Reservation
    Water Hang Gliding Pilot
    Para Gliding Pilot
  • Farah Says:
    … focusing on participants’ safety, alliances good cooperation, crew proficiencies, employees’ motivation, the sports’ image and values, for the aim of prospering more and more InterAvia and to secure the success of the yearly event Fly Lebanon. Sports can never be called a hard work.
  • Tel:
    00961 70 92 61 91
  • E-mail:
Jean Sawma
  • Career:
    Flight Observer
    Auto Pressure System Controller
  • Proficiency & Skills:
    Water Hang Gliding Flight Observer
  • Jean Says:
    I clear the Sky Boat Cruising
    I plan the Auto Pressure Aloft
    I work with InterAvia proudly in that unique system in all the Middle East
Peter Habchi
  • Career:
    Water Hang Gliding Pilot
  • Proficiency & Skills:
    Civil Engineer
    USPA Hang Glider Pilot
    Parachutist Jumping Amateur
  • Peter Says:
    I Fly Tandem with Participants and I share them the distress of daily life
    I enjoy more My Flights with Kids and Old Age People.
    Come share us and discover the adventure.
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