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  • Water Hang Gliding
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Water Hang Gliding

Turn your dream into memory!!!

    It’s an air sport that gives you the thrill of a lifetime; it's where a pilot flies a Water Hang Glider and can stay airborne for hours. Water Hang Gliding is similar to parasailing in the way of flying, towed to a Custom Designed Boat by a long rope. But unlike parasailing, when an altitude is reached on a Water Hang Glider, the rope is left behind and you are free flying.

   No prior experience required, you can soar like an eagle and examine the tremendous sights with our USHGA Certified Tandem Pilots by your side. They will furnish you an unforgettable experience to altitude of over 1,500 feet. The speed is 35 km/h and it increases to 100 km/h. Actual time of flight depends on weather conditions, but typically lasts about  20 minutes. All Tandem Flights are towed to altitude by our Custom Designed Boat.

    It’s a Special Boat for flying instruction with a unique auto pressure towing system. You will fly surfing the sea and the mountains in a controlled area. In flight photos are available and a friend may ride to watch, free of charge.


Water Hang Glider (WHG)

    A Water Hang Glider is a light non motorized aircraft resembling a large kite. It’s made of a fabric composite-framed wing, aluminum tubes, of tissues and Pontoons used to land on water, plus a harness, helmet and a rescue parachute.

   The pilot is suspended in a harness and is fixedly hung beneath a lifting wing by flexible straps. (She/he) glides it as the displacement of (His/her) body.

These Water Hang Gliders are FALCON serial, designed for clients, students and beginners’ instruction. (WHG) is reserved to a secure rocket safety parachute.

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